How to write a proper CV

How to write a proper cv- Writing a CV has no general standard. Although a lots of things should be put into consideration while writing a CV, in this post, you will learn some of those things, and I’ll also share examples.

How to write a proper cv

Let’s begin by talking about things you should never do:

Never copy CV

The is the most important rule to learn how to write a proper CV. There was a time in my computer career that i worked in computer center (or business center as we call them). A few times graduates (people who went to higher institution and graduated) have come to the office and say things like:

I need a CV, do you have any template on ground?

In fact, of the time, what they do is collect already existing CV (which is also copied from somewhere) and replace the details.

Don’t Copy CV Templates

This is very wrong, and only shows how little effort you’ll put into the job you are applying for.

Copying template is not as bad as copying the entire thing, but most employers would prefer if you don’t give them the same type of CV format they have been seeing all day. Be creative (don’t over do it). 

general template VS creative template

Don’t over hype yourself

In learning how to write a proper CV, one thing to take note is, if you can’t do it, don’t say you can. If you have not done it, don’t say you have. This is simple enough. More so, if there are things you can’t do, but believe you can easily learn on the job, then be specific.

If you are not applying to a religious organization, don’t quote religious books

Don’t write things like:

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through [aChrist who strengthens me.

Don’t under sell yourself

If you have done it, or can do it, say it.

Check your grammar and punctuation

Use Microsoft Word, or Grammarly. Read your CV twice after writing it.

There are also a few things you should have in your CV:

Career Objectives

Tell your potential employer about your career goal, a few days ago this question was asked on staybusy slack channel a few people responded:

Part of my 2019 goals is to take / solve 1 algorithm test per day, complete my hardware / IoT training with python and raspberry pi (which is a carry over from this year)

2019 goal, complete my Data Science training by March (Should be a Expert Data Scientist then), Work in a Data Science role for 6 months (April – Sept) Move to the UK/Canada by Oct – Dec. :slightly_smiling_face: Curious to see how plan goes.

Although both of the above examples are focused on the new year, but both also share the trait of attempting to push their career forward. Your career goal should not be money focused:

my 2019 goals is $1m very simple

Of course, this was a joke from one of the team members, but you get the point.

Past Experiences

Give us list of past job positions, what you were expected to do and what you did there. 

This is bad:

What you were expected to do:

My job description is to upload content to the website

What you did:

I uploaded content to the website

This is better:

What you were expected to do:

Upload content to the website

What you did:

Apart from taking care of my core responsibility, I also came up with an automated way for content validation to be done which increased our SEO score by 70%.

Contact Details

Add your phone and email. Use proper email address.



As a web developer, you can be creative and add a custom domain email like:

2 Pages

For entry-level jobs, i.e. you don’t have too many work experiences, 2 pages should be enough. Nobody wants to read a textbook.

Summary of Qualifications

Starting from higher institution(s), professional certifications and relevant training. I personally recommend you don’t add secondary school leaving certificate.

After this is done, you should start preparing for interview. 🙂 

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