There are job most people avoid but still do out of compulsion. Just as in life there are things that no one likes doing, but needs to be done, the list includes:

  • Being an adult (why do you think adults are allowed to take alcohol)
  • Accomodating a range of things (don’t ask)

And the list goes on.

As society advances, there are going to be jobs that needs to be done, but because of the nature of these jobs, literally no sane person wants them. Yes, there are jobs most people avoid. Yet, they have become a stepping stone for the career of most.

Now we can go on listing each of these jobs here, but instead what’s best is that we group them into categories.

Categories of jobs most people avoid are as follows:

  • High Risk Jobs
  • Underpaying Jobs
  • Jobs Which Leave the Employee no Free/Personal Time
  • Temporary Company Positions
  • Contract Jobs

Let us begin;

High Risk Jobs

These kinds of jobs are jobs that have incalculable or unprecedented risks attached to them for a multitude of reasons. High risk jobs are jobs in which a mistake or something random could get you killed, arrested, jailed, or even injured.

So many high risk jobs are necessary for the smooth daily running of society for obvious reasons. However, due to their nature in times of economic growth and success these jobs quickly fall out of fashion. There would be more articles and campaigns like this to encourage people to pick these jobs.

These high risk jobs don’t come about because there is a “MAN” somewhere who wants to kill the entire populace. Rather as society advances, the need for certain infrastructures and developments to be put in place for example train tunnels and building tunnels is one that will be indispensable.

In an extremely advanced and ever growing economy, no one would want to pick such a job because of the risk involved. Then, the construction companies may think of using robots instead but that also leads to another high risk job. But as something with a lot of risk, the natural consensus is that since the job is extremely risky, the reward is great. Well, that’s true for majority of the high risk jobs some actually have a horrible reward system, just keep that in mind.

Underpaying Jobs

Ahh… the two words that no job seeker or employee ever want to hear in a single sentence. A lot of people actually think that these jobs exist due to corporate greed. But in actuality, there are a massive platera of reasons that lead to the existence of underpaying jobs.

Depending on who you ask, people say underpaying jobs are entry level jobs, gateway jobs to your dream career. That’s actually a very myopic view on underpaying jobs but it’s not false. It’s just that this view applies to a small section of underpaying jobs. We could go on and on about why most jobs are underpaid but in the sea of these underpaid jobs majority of them are essential, mundane and extremely important jobs. Because of their mundane importance, they are undervalued and most times for good reasons. Also, because of this importance attached to these jobs, they are commonplace in today’s job market. However, because human beings are wonderful creatures most people are able to make whatever situation work for them. “Anyone, anywhere, can make a positive difference” — Mark Sanborn.

Jobs Which Leave the Employee no Free/Personal Time

“A time for everything: A time to relax and a time to be busy, a time to frolic and a time to labor, a time to receive and a time to give, a time to begin and a time to finish.” — Jonathan Lockwood Huie

It is no surprise that in modern times human beings are overworking themselves for the sake of their careers. Based on this fact, most corporations have taken advantage of this situation and proceeded to streamline company operations which lead to employees having less personal time. Now should people take jobs like this? Well I wouldn’t personally advise you to take up a job that requires you sacrificing all your personal time. Nevertheless, these jobs exist for a lot of reasons, and depending on the situation you find yourself in you may need to take up such a job. But for the most part most jobs like this are very important, so someone has to do it.

In life, one has to set his/her personal goals and expectations, making these goals realistic and achievable. But most of the time, in order to achieve said goals sacrifices need to be made. At the end of the day whether you achieve your goals or not you would need to ask yourself whether those sacrifices made were worth it.

Temporary Company Positions

Temporary company positions are commonplace in modern society. This is mainly due to the fact that this temporary roles relies on company workflows and policies in place. Now the main reason that no one wants jobs that are temporary in company is because of job security. When your role at a company is temporary, meaning that anytime the company’s need for that role expires so does your employment at that company. But such positions are good for gaining experience and building your resume if you are new to the game.

Contract Jobs

Well in most countries the reason why unions are as powerful as they are is because of contract jobs. Now contract jobs differ from temporary company positions in the sense that the employee is not a part of the company. Give it something like a junior or low-level consultants bound by contract. And since they aren’t really a part of the company by contract the company is not required to give contract employees company benefits such as healthcare or free parking. Due to this fact a regular job seeker might not be interested in contract jobs. Nonetheless, depending on the personal decision that the job seeker chooses to make they might prefer to go for contract jobs. Sometimes, based on the conditions attached to the contract, many contract jobs are not pleasing to the contractor.

In summary, there are a lot of factors which determine the job market in any given economy. Therefore regardless of how good or bad a job market is, there would always be jobs which most people avoid, but they need to be done anyway.

Author: Gabriel Umoh

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