How to effectively save during NYSC: Why you should do it

In my last post, I explained the purpose for this series, if you haven’t read it, read it here

Today I’ll be giving you a little background into why I chose to save all my allowance throughout NYSC (and why i think you should do it too), it is important we talk about this first because if you have no reason to do it, then you won’t do it. The reason for saving is as important as the saving itself.

If you don’t believe in something you’ll fall for everything

If you have no reason for doing something, you’ll fall for anything. You know how it feels when you decide to fast? Sometimes you go a whole day without food, and you’re fine, but during Ramadan, you get so hungry at 3PM that it feels like you can’t go on. I don’t know if there’s any scientific reason for this, but at that time that you decide to do something, most of the time, it feels like everything around is against it. And if your belief, or reason, for doing such a thing is not strong enough, then it’s easy to fall for anything that comes along.

Do you have plans for post-NYSC-life?

For example, think about it, after NYSC what do you want to do? Did you think about the end of NYSC even before it started? And now that it has started, have you thought about the end?

In my wait for posting, I did some jobs, and that made me release how little jobs are out there. Well, there are jobs, it’s just very hard to find a job that’ll make you happy. Which, for me, is the most important thing. I mean, i don’t want to be the man that goes to the same place everyday for 25 years and he is tired and unhappy and frustrated but he can’t stop. In a nutshell, i wanted a better life. That is why i chose to save.

How does saving some thousands of money lead to a better life?

While speaking with a mentor (a few years back), he said to me: the secret to wealth and good life is discipline. Especially financial discipline. Deciding to save up all my allowance was my extreme way of breaking the bounds of lack of financial discipline. It wasn’t that I was a heavy spender (or that I even had the money to spend) the problem was, I was a wasteful giver. Yep, there’s something like that.

A Bad Past

In secondary school, I take friends to eat and I don’t eat (i was not trained to eat outside), I buy things for people either they ask or not (and do even more if/when they asked) – and note that some of these things I won’t normally do for myself. Until much later in life I didn’t even see anything wrong with it.

My decision to do what I did was a bit extreme, but, i knew how bad my situation was and only such extreme measures will work.

So the first thing we need to establish is a reason. Why would you want to do such a thing? If you want to do it just because you read this post, well, that’s good, but it might not be good enough to keep you till the end.

If I had continued the way I was living in my younger years, I would not move far in life. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving, but there is everything wrong with wasteful giving.

I still give now, a lot, but it is with a purpose. Unfortunately, it means sometimes I have to ask whoever is requesting for help a lot of questions.

Think about it

Before you continue reading, I want you to consider what I have said above, why would you want to do this?

Now, let’s be clear, it’s possible you decide to save half or even 10%. The point is, if you have no reason for saving (whatever percentage) you won’t be able to sustain it. Once you come up with a clear reason, the next step would be a plan.

During NYSC a friend used to say : May i not return home after one year and still be asking my parent for 100 Naira recharge card money. He had a reason to plan for after NYSC.

Another friend of mine saved up to 125k because she wanted to start kerosene supply business. She had a reason, and she was determined enough.

You get my point?

No one is asking you to save the whole thing, but saving is very important.

In my next post, we’ll talk about plans, and specific ways to achieve them. I’ll respond to comments if you have any.

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