Great jobs for a Nigerian student

Are there some really great jobs for a Nigerian student? If this is a question that has been on your mind, then this article is for you.

With the high standard of living and persistent demands of today’s society, it has become a norm for people to have more than one job in order to survive in many parts of the worlds and part of the people who face these challenges our students.

Most students find themselves in a position where it has become difficult for them to comfortably live on the provisions and allowances they receive from their parents. As such, the need to make their own money to support what they get from parents become more important. There is also the case of those students who have no support and are doing all they can to see themselves through school.

In this article, our focus will be on some great jobs for a Nigerian student who wishes to earn an alternative source of income. That is, Nigerian students and the type of jobs they can do which will not directly become a hindrance to their education. Rather, it will help enhance the process by ensuring that they can pay their bills and continue schooling as well.

Below are few out of many great jobs for a Nigerian student you should consider:

Data analyst:

Simply put a data analyst is someone who interprets data in form of numbers received by companies or organizations into plain and understandable language; like English!

This may sound funny but it actually isn’t. Understanding the data received by a business while carrying out business activities is a factor in deciding what the business needs. Who makes this happen? A data analyst!

Some organizations hire remote data analysts to analyze their data from time to time. They can also retain the services of a data analyst to monitor and analyze data they collect on a weekly basis.

A student can take advantage of this opportunity and work for such organization. The remote option gives them the opportunity to work from anywhere. In most cases, they can work at whatever time they wish to, as long as they do not exceed the given deadline.


Taking pictures has become a part of everyday life in one way or the other. From taking passport photographs for verification purposes to taking pictures to keep memories of friends, loved ones e.t.c.

There are numerous reasons people take pictures on a daily basis. One needs to own a camera and a few other gadgets to become a photographer. Some students already do this. They liaise with the school Authority, rent a place on campus, take pictures of students and visitors alike, and get paid.

However, there is this aspect which most students are not really aware of. The fact that they can sell their pictures online. You heard right! There are websites which offer such services. All you need to do is upload an appealing picture you have taken (it could be any type of picture like a landscape, an artwork e.t.c). If another user on the site buys your picture, you’ll be paid while the website receives a percentage of what the buyer pays for the picture as well.


Companies who offer products or services in some cases require the services of a marketer. A Marketer’s job is to identify the company’s customers or potential customers ask the case may be. He or she then promote the products to them and build a relationship with the customers on the companies behalf.

This requires some skills like confidence, good spoken and written communication abilities, leadership ability and much more. Most outfits don’t consider a certificate for this role. What such outfits do is to hire and give an opportunity for the employee to prove their worth. They then retain them if they meet requirements. Just about anyone who is determined and can spend the required time to gather necessary skills can be a Marketer.

Private Tutor:

A tutor is a person who teaches or explains a subject to another person’s understanding. Some students who are in tertiary institutions can teach those in secondary schools and below some subjects, they’re currently taking.

There are opportunities both online and offline for tutors. Some websites pay tutors per question they answer correctly. Parents are also on the lookout to hire private tutors to take their children on subjects in which they perform. They also hire tutors to coach their children in some subjects ahead of time. Whatever the case may be, jobs like these are suitable for students because of the flexibility.


A Temp. (Temporary) is a person who has professional experience and is also knowledgeable in a required field. Organizations are always on the watch for people to advise them especially when they’re venturing out into unfamiliar fields. They may also lookout for people who will work for a period before employing someone who fits the role permanently.

A student who possesses skills to fit as a temp would have already displayed that he or she is employable. As such he or she has a high chance of getting a job as soon as they are done with school.


Writing is always in demand and one doesn’t necessarily need a certification to be employed as a writer. What is really required is the ability to be creative. Also, the ability to express feelings, ideas, thoughts, procedures, processes e.t.c on paper meaningfully is needed. Students can take advantage of opportunities to write for some publications and magazines. They can as well try their hands out at writing articles for blogs. This will enable them to gain more experience while earning some money on the site.

Web Development:

In one way or the other and with each passing day life’s activities become increasingly dependent on the web. The demand to build websites is also on the increase and require special skills. If one cannot pay, some methods of acquiring these skills include the use of online tutorial websites, videos, peer learning groups et Al.  Some necessary skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel just to mention a few.

Jobs in this field is awarded based on what you can do in most cases. So a student who makes the sacrifice to learn how to build websites can get a remote job as a web developer. Most web development jobs are well paying and can very well serve as a means of extra income.

A typical example of a website that offers vast opportunities for undergraduates is On the StayBusy Platform, you’re kept “busy” by tasks being assigned to you and on completion of such tasks you earn points. At the expiration of about a month, the points can be exchanged for the Naira equivalent and withdrawn from the StayBusy platform to your bank account.

There are tons of part-time jobs available out there. Feel free to share other forms of part-time jobs in the comment section


Contributing writer: Keresifon Ekpo

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