Graduate employability skills. What makes a graduate employable

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Some graduate employability skills come naturally, some you acquire during your time in higher institution, some you have to work to get them. We will consider a few graduate employability skills in this post.

Some graduate employability skills.


It’s a big hard to decide who is intelligent or not before employing them, however, from their CV (learn what a proper cv should look like here) and interview tests, the employer can clearly see the level of intelligence in you. 

It is important to keep improving on this daily. Read, practice and engage your brain in relevant endeavors. 


Basically, integrity is: Do as you say, when you say. Punctuality and respect falls under this. 


Trust is earned as it’s usually said. To earn your potential employers trust, make sure your CV properly represents you. Do not forge details of your CV. 


Toyin got a job to manage 6 staff members, problem was, Toyin is 19 and the youngest among her team is 36 years. The hardest part is, they all know her age.

Toyin is female, from a Yoruba family. For those that don’t know, Yoruba’s are known for respect.

She had a lot of difficulty in dealing with her team, most of them took advantage of her young age. After being sanctioned by her boss, she was able to make adjustments and took charge of her team.

While waiting for your dream job, start preparing.

Be Presentable

This cuts across neatness, and carriage. You don’t have to buy or wear the most expensive clothing or blings but be sure whatever you have is probably taken care of.

Speak Up

I was at an event (a tech meetup) and during one of the break, i was speaking with the man sitting next to me, and he was quite impressed. From our conversation, he asked me a few questions about projects i have worked on before and gave me his card after a short while. I had no idea he was one of the sponsors of the event, apparently he has a big company and just decide to come and see how the event is going without announcing his presence.

The point is not to be a talkative, but contribute. Attend useful events. Going to concerts and other social outings is all well and good, just ensure you balance it with career motivating events too.


Don’t wait to be appointed to lead, volunteer to lead.

Do you know some other graduate employability skills? Feel free to share.

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